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To ensure the accuracy and consistency of your equipment's temperature measurement and control, CCT Metrology offers Temperature Sensor Calibration and Temperature Controller Calibration services. These services are especially important for equipment that requires minimal operator involvement or is exposed to extreme temperatures and frequent thermal cycling, as it's crucial for the devices to maintain a constant temperature or adequately control temperature.


During the calibration process, our technicians will compare the device's measured output to the expected output specified by the manufacturer's specifications or other requirements, verifying its accuracy. This ensures that the device is performing as intended and meeting industry standards.


At CCT Metrology, we understand the importance of accurate temperature control and monitoring in a variety of applications. That's why we offer temperature controller and sensor calibration services in China that are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. Our experienced field technicians are equipped to perform on-site calibration services within a 100-mile radius of our facility for various instruments, including those used in ovens, furnaces, stress rupture machines, injection molding equipment, and more.


During calibration, our technicians will carefully inspect the temperature controllers and sensors to ensure that they are operating within the manufacturer's specifications or other requirements. If necessary, they will make adjustments to bring the instruments back to an acceptable level of accuracy. Our calibration services are fast, reliable, and convenient. To schedule on-site service, simply contact our Field Coordinator at [email protected] or 400-1188-260.


After calibration, you will receive a detailed Calibration Certificate that explains our process and results. To help you stay on top of your calibration schedule, we will also send you a reminder notice as the date approaches. Don't take chances with your temperature control equipment. Trust the experts at CCT Metrology for accurate and reliable calibration services.


· Temperature controller calibration

· On-off, proportional and PID

· Digital, analog and chart recording models

· Temperature sensor calibration

· Temperature calibration for additional instruments


Temperature controller calibration is an important process to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement and control in various applications. In this process, a temperature controller's ability to maintain the desired temperature setpoint is tested by comparing the readings from the device to the actual temperature using a simulated signal with the correct cold junction compensation, including any thermocouple types such as K, T, J, and others. CCT Metrology's experienced technicians are well-equipped to perform temperature controller calibration and other calibration services at your facility or in our laboratory in China. Contact our field calibration team today to schedule a service call and learn more about the calibration services we offer.