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Environmental reliability test

Environmental reliability testing is a crucial process that verifies the ability of a product to function as intended under specified conditions and within a specific time frame. This testing is affected by various environmental and mechanical factors during design, application, and testing stages. Therefore, it is important to conduct environmental reliability tests to verify the reliability of the product during the R&D, trial production, and mass production stages.

At CCT, we offer a range of environmental reliability tests including high and low temperature humid heat tests, rain tests, and fire resistance limit tests. Our testing services are applicable to various industries such as electronics, electrical, hardware and electrical appliances, optoelectronic communications, instruments, metal parts, plastic and rubber products, as well as building materials industry standard parts and structural parts. With our express service, we offer a quick turnaround time for testing and ensure that our customers can save on R&D and production costs while improving testing quality.

Test item

· High and low temperature damp-heat test.

· constant damp heat test

·  alternating damp heat test

· Rain test,

· Salt spray test(NSS,AASS,CASS)

· Fire resistance limit test.