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Calibrating a microscope is essential to ensure consistency and accuracy in measurements. Even two identical microscopes may have slightly different magnification factors if they are not calibrated regularly.


The scale on the eyepiece reticle does not have standard units of measure, and the values may change at different magnifications. Hence, it's crucial to calibrate the microscope reticle to determine the true measure of the scale markings. This involves comparing the reticle scale against a known value to calculate accurate measurements of objects viewed through the microscope.



CCT Metrology, located in China, has a team of field calibration specialists who can provide on-site microscope calibration services to our customers within a 100-mile radius of our facility. With over 20 years of experience, our technicians are fully qualified to perform reliable reticle calibration. In addition to reticle calibration, our standard microscope calibration services include cleaning and maintenance. We also offer routine cleaning and maintenance services without the calibration service. As the full-service calibration lab owned by CCT, the metal testing specialist, we adhere to a rigorous quality system and hold various credentials to ensure our reliability. Our microscope calibration service is accredited and the calibration results are traceable. Our Calibration Certificates include accreditation and traceability information, as well as "as found" and "as left" data, and detailed results to meet your quality requirements. Additionally, our Lab has the expertise and equipment to calibrate many other types of measuring instruments while on-site at your facility.

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· Calibrating most microscope models

· Cleaning and maintenance

·  traceability

·  accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025


During microscope calibration, our technicians compare the scale or grid on the eyepiece reticle to the known scale markings on a stage micrometer of a known dimension. The markings on the reticle do not represent standard units of measurement, such as millimeters or micrometers. Therefore, reticle calibration is necessary to establish the relationship between the "reticle unit" and a standard unit of measurement. This process involves aligning the scale on the stage micrometer with the grid on the reticle and taking a reading to determine the actual value for each mark on the reticle. The calibration process is performed at different magnification levels to establish the conversion for each power level of the objective lens.


In addition to microscope calibration, our field calibration team can provide calibration services for other equipment and measuring tools during our service visit. Contact us to schedule your calibration services and make the most of your time and budget.