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Metallurgical testing provides valuable information for detecting defects, assessing the structure of metals, evaluating processing and treatment methods, and ensuring compliance with relevant standards. In many cases, customers require additional services beyond metallurgical testing to fully meet their needs.



At CCT in China, our Metallurgical Testing Lab provides a range of services to meet the needs of our customers. Some of the examinations we perform include analyzing metallurgical test results alongside those from other labs to identify failure root causes, providing digital imaging and photomicrographic examinations at optical magnifications ranging from 7X to 1000X to document results, and conducting McQuaid-Ehn Grain Size analysis. Additionally, we offer services related to welder and procedure qualification in compliance with various specifications such as API, ASME, AWS, ASTM, EN standards, and the Pressure Equipment Directive.


· ASTM B487

· ASTM E1181

CCT's Metallurgical Testing Lab is accredited by PRI Nadcap and A2LA, and all testing is performed in accordance with rigorous industry standards and detailed procedures to ensure accuracy and reliability. Customers can access accreditation certificates online or through the Quality Department, which lists all covered metallurgical tests. Results are carefully documented in Certified Test Reports or Failure Analysis Reports, providing customers with a comprehensive understanding of the testing process and results. Visit CCT's website to learn more about our extensive metallurgical testing capabilities and qualifications.

· Microscopic examinations

· Macroscopic examinations

· Microhardness testing

· Sample preparation