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We understand that on-site calibration, also known as field calibration, is a valuable service for equipment that is either too large or fragile to be shipped or cannot be taken out of service for an extended period. It provides flexibility in scheduling, ensuring minimal production downtime.

CCT Metrology, situated in Zhejiang, China, specializes in on-site calibration services within a 100-mile radius of Laboratory Testing Inc. This enables them to cater to clients who require calibration services but cannot transport their equipment to the calibration facility.

By opting for on-site calibration, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be calibrated conveniently at your location, saving you time and resources. It is recommended to contact CCT Metrology directly or visit their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information about their on-site calibration services, including availability, pricing, and specific geographical coverage.


You can trust the highly trained and experienced field calibration team at Metrology to handle your equipment calibration needs. Their technicians are skilled in swiftly calibrating your equipment, conducting adjustments or repairs as necessary, and providing you with reliable results. These results are documented in Calibration Certificates for your reference.

Metrology ensures that customers receive the same level of quality and service with their on-site calibration as they would in their environmentally-controlled lab. They offer a convenient Customer Portal, accessible 24/7, which allows you to easily track your order status and access electronic copies of your Calibration Certificates online.

Each instrument is accompanied by a comprehensive certificate that includes details of the "as found" and "as left" conditions, as well as a record of all work performed. If needed, Metrology can provide a preliminary certificate before their technician leaves your facility, eliminating any wait time for results.

To ensure your peace of mind, all of Metrology's calibration experts are covered by workers' compensation insurance. Additionally, their vehicles and service personnel are fully insured for liability, enabling them to perform on-site calibration services at your facility without any concerns.

It is recommended to directly contact Metrology or visit their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their field calibration services, including specific offerings, pricing, and insurance coverage details.


The field calibration technicians at LTI Metrology offer on-site calibration services for a wide-range of equipment right at your facility, including:

· Measuring Tools & Gage Calibration

· Laser / Super Micrometers

· Timers

· Surface Plates

· Grades AA, A, B, X

· Optical Comparators

· Microscopes

· Hardness Testers

· Compression & Tension (Tensile) Machines

· To 200,000 lbs.

· Scales & Balances

· To over 1,000 lbs.

· Pyrometry

· Temperature Controllers

· Ovens & Furnaces

· Uniformity Surveys

· System Accuracy Tests

· Recorders (Temperature, Digital, Chart)

· Pressure Instruments

· To 600 PSI (If customer supplies a pressure source, we can go up to 1,500 PSI)

· Load Cells / Load Frames (ASTM E4)

· To 100,000 lbs. (Tension); to 200,000 lbs. (Compression)

· Welders / Weld Mills

Contact our Field Coordinator at to request a quote or to schedule on-site calibration services at your facility.


CCT’s Quality Assurance System complies with the applicable requirements of all specifications listed below:

· ISO/IEC 17025

· ISO 9001-2000

· ISO 10012-1

You can trust CCT Metrology’s qualifications and years of experience.